Thursday, March 31, 2016

for my daughter

Everyone's child asks to go out to fast food now and then. Way before going vegan myself, I cut my daughter off from fast food restaurants to the bare minimum. I would allow for a trip to McDonalds if her friends were going to be there (the Play Place is pretty popular among kiddos) or if she really, reeeaaally, reeeeeaaallly pretty please with cherry on top wanted to go please mom - and it had been a good 3 months since her last time. Sure, I might have said yes.

Those days are gone though. I simply can't justify it, even for a snowy day play date or "reward" for doing so good on a test. She is in my care and in my opinion, feeding a child fast food is not fulfilling that task.

She and I talked about how I feel about fast food places a month or so ago. We debated some - she's a whip smart 8 1/2 year old and you can't try to fool her, lie to her, or give her half truths - she'll figure it out.

"But it's food, mom, and I'm hungry for it sometimes."

"Ladybug, it's not food, it's something you eat"

"What? (insert burst of laughter) It is too food. How is it not food?"

"Because the ingredients in the products are so far removed from their possibly once natural resources, it's now just something you ingest. And the meat...don't get me started."

"But I like the cheeseburgers so much!"

"I know how they get the meat. Nothing about it is good, clean or healthy. It's cruel and gross."

"Ohhh you know because you watched a video, huh?"

"Well...yeah, I've seen videos. But that's not why! It's not's just stuff you can eat food is eatey things."

We both crack up

"Eatey things, mom? You made that up." (still laughing)

(Also laughing) "Yes, I did make it up, but it doesn't make it any less true."

She gets it. She also calls herself a vegetarian who eats turkey from time to time. LOL That kid hasn't eaten turkey or any other meat for at least 4 months - but she knows last time she had one, she liked the taste of turkey lunchmeat. This kid ...

The kid who will eat blocks of tofu uncooked, and gobble up bushels of broccoli like they'll stop growing tomorrow. My kid who refuses to eat her (once) favorite strawberry yogurt because it contains carmine. My girl who's new favorite taco is garbanzo beans, bell pepper and rice. I love this kid.

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