Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Organic Living

Who wouldn't say yes?!

I do what I can to buy the best, and often organic foods for my family. It's not nearly as bank breaking as people might think - plus the organic options often last longer and taste better! Here's a run down of some of the organic options in our house.

My gorgeous Full Circle Organic Vegetable and Fruits box rec'd today 5/18. The nectarines are particularly sweet and delicious! Also received was a grapefruit, leek, head of red leaf lettuce, sugar snap peas, green beans, two Hass avocados, and four Cara Cara oranges. All the items shown here are grown in the US - these in particular California.

Two previous week's FC boxes.
From this box - the rainbow chard, zucchini, onions and potatoes all ended up in the vegetable soup that I posted about previously!
 The carrots roasted in the oven tossed with grape seed oil and a bit of salt was amazing.

I've been growing alfalfa sprouts in a BIG Ball Jar! About 5-7 days to fresh, tasty sprouts!

Aaaand ....drum roll .... My very first Petit Vour Box! All vegan and cruelty free beauty products! $15 subscription to US addresses. And BONUS... no shipping to Alaska! 
Also available in Canada for a few bucks more. 
The total value of the items I received is $35, with one full sized item.
So far I've used all the items that came in my Petit Vour box - The fruit pigmented satin eye shadow was more than worth the price. 

I hope you enjoyed this little "tour". How do you buy organic? Leave a comment!


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